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  • Chanukah 2017* Grand Menorah Lighting

    * Doughnut Bar - choose your own fillings & toppings

    * Make you own Chanukah Slime

    * Chanukah Music & Crafts

    * Latkes & Hotdog Dinner

    Event is FREE and open to ALL
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  • Synagogue Services A community that prays together stays together.

    Join us for Shabbat services, on the last Shabbat of every month, in a warm, friendly environment.
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  • Weekly Tanya Class: A Tale of Two SoulsAn in depth study of the ancient works of the

    Alter Rebbe, Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi.
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  • What to Expect at a Chanukah PartyOf all Jewish events, a Chanukah holiday celebration is probably one of the most flexible, with the... Read More
  • Doughnuts with Feta, Honey and Pistachios Read More
  • G‑d and the ButlerWhy did the butler forget all about Joseph? And what would have happened if he hadn’t? Read More
  • Creating Unity Out of Diversity Read More
  • Why Is Chanukah 8 Nights Long? Read More

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